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Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Growing up, I would consider myself a laid back, let-life-just-flow, let-the-universe-decide-my fate kinda individual. I cared about very little and expected much. I wanted the six figure account, the mansion, the 6ft, dark and handsome yet God fearing and family oriented man. Basically you get my point! I wanted the whole package, the fairy tale and up until the age of 19 this worked for me. Life was practically a bed of roses until it wasn't.

From good grades and loving friends and innocent "guy-friend relationships" to not so good grades and not so loving friends and disappointments and heartbreaks. Well, maybe we could say it was the transition from High School to the University or it was the fact that I started living alone and making my own decisions. I honestly do not have a precise explanation for how things went left. However, growth has taught me five important things about Life:) 
  • Life is all about decisions: the quality of life you live depends on your choices.

  • A life without God is a life of misery: At some point in everyone's life, you need someone to turn to. You may decide to turn to friends/family but they won't always be there to help you; not because they don't want to but because some things are beyond their capabilities and that is when you turn it over to God. However, would you like a friend who only visits you when they are hungry or a friend who visits you at all times (...of hunger and plenty)

  • Pick your company wisely. We hear these words so often, it almost sounds annoying. However, there is no truth greater than this. You may say your situation has nothing to do with peer pressure, but watch your character when you are around certain friends and when you are by yourself. The difference should tell you how much the people you interact with slowly mold you.

  • Never let down your values for anyone especially when they are Christian values. Nothing good comes out of it. You will only end up adopting someone else' values and the result is disappointment. The person you practically stole these values from has lived according to them for so long so they know how it works. Adopting these values will only make you a counterfeit and somewhere along the line, you will get stuck.

  • Maximize your potential: Just like the story of the talents in Matthew 25: 14-30, God has given each of us something unique and special. You may look at the next person and think to yourself "Oh! she's so talented" but today I want you to recognize that special talent inside of you, no matter how little. Accept it and be brave enough to share it with the world and that's the only way you can live a fulfilled life.
When I look back, I am grateful because an easy life only makes a boring and inexperienced individual. These words are not for those who are perfect, they are for those who constantly seek perfection. Don't wallow in defeat or settle for a life of mediocrity because God has a bigger and more beautiful plan for your life. Enjoy your day:)

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