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Friday, 3 August 2012


From experience I have learned that the key to self discovery is helping others find themselves. Today, make a list of 20 spiritual things to do while you are still breathing. Start with the things you are capable of doing (don't plan a trip to Jerusalem with $500 in your pocket:)

Get out of your comfort zone and write down things that challenge you to be a better person and most importantly: make sure at the end of the day, God takes the glory!!!

Sharing mine with you so you can have an idea of what to do.

  1. Donate to the church you attend, anonymously.
  2. Win a soul for God (1 soul).
  3. Visit Jerusalem, Israel.
  4. Read through the bible.
  5. Master one book of the bible (I chose proverbs).
  6. Memorize an entire chapter of the bible.
  7. Mission work in a foreign country (as a personal or group trip).
  8. Find someone from your past and apologize.
  9. Volunteer at a children's hospital.
  10. Donate to an orphanage, anonymously.
  11. Adopt a child
  12. Plant a tree.
  13. Give your pastor a gift.
  14. Random act of kindness to a complete stranger.
  15. Cater lunch to the entire church (where you attend).
  16. Cater lunch to every homeless person you meet on a specific day of your choice.
  17. Write down the story of your life.
  18. Invite everyone on your street to a street BBQ (that you are hosting obviously:)
  19. Forgive someone that hurt you terribly.
  20. Find someone who changed your life and do something for him/her.
  21. Start a blog:)
  22. Write a book
Have a lovely day!

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