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Monday, 20 August 2012

PREDESTINATION VS FREEWILL (series #2- Paul and Barnabas)

Note: when I use the word Holy Spirit I mean God as I believe in the Holy Trinity. I have been working on this post for two days now and I almost feel guilty for not completing it till now but I hope it ministers to someone.

In summary of the passage in Acts 13-15, the Holy Spirit called Saul and Barnabas to go on a mission. Along their way, they preached the gospel of salvation in various cities. However, at a point, these two men began having disagreements and could no longer work together. Paul was willing to align his plans with that of the Holy Spirit while Barnabas was bent on going ahead with his own plan. Barnabas chose John Mark to go with him against the will of the Holy Spirit and Saul chose Silas as recommended by the Church. Saul and Silas then went ahead to the cities to continue the mission as assigned by the Holy Spirit.

When you read ch15, you will realize that the bible had nothing more to say about Barnabas. We have no idea what happened to him from then on but one thing is sure- the bible didn't find it important to share his story with us. When the Holy Spirit reveals a plan to us, it is wise to follow it without thinking you know better. Some of us are so calculating. The way we spend hours planning a particular event, you would think we could see tomorrow. When God gives you his word, don't try to be wise or smart about it. Perform the task as instructed, trusting that He knows better and his word is flawless. When we try to be smart, manipulating God's plans and introducing our own rules, the result is disappointment. You are practically planning for nothing and wasting your effort on areas where you will never stand out.

Imagine your sole purpose on earth is to go into the music industry, make good music that will touch lives but you are so focused on becoming a Professor. Basically, you believe your plan is more important and God's plan is a joke. If the will of God for your life is to become a musician, you will prosper in that field and stand out but if you go ahead with your own plan, you will only fit in with the crowd and probably achieve nothing.

The interesting aspect of this story is that God's word will never go back to him void. His plan will definitely be accomplished and if you have refused to be a vessel, He will raise another person to take your place. As God raised Silas to take Barnabas' place, He will also raise another vessel to go into that music industry that you called a joke and perfect his will.

I pray we all fulfill our destinies in life and no one will take our place in Jesus name. Amen!:D

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