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Saturday, 25 August 2012


Aside from the fact that God is the creator of all things, why do we really believe in God. Earlier today,  I was inspired by this post written by a friend and decided to share.
"When you envy other people or just hate them unnecessarily...............take a look at the mirror and see how ugly you are becoming.... "remember that life is spiritual", you can turn ugly even though you were not born ugly. Let a free loving spirit overshadow you and see how beautiful your life can become."- Abi Mak'Toye.
Anybody can create anything so why is God's case different. If you speak with an atheist, what can you tell them about God. Why does God deserve all the worship and honor.

Life is a spiritual journey: The bible says in John 4:24- "God is a spirit: and they that worship him must worship in spirit and in truth". Most times, we invest so much in physical things that we forget all about the spiritual. We want to have the best hair, clothes, skin, body, job etc but forget when our spiritual life is starving, it reflects on our physical. 

Two men may have same level of wealth but when you see the one with a healthy spiritual life, you can tell the difference. Many times, you would be drawn to the one who has invested in his spiritual life because he has something unique, something that cannot be bought or stolen. This shows that when you walk in the spirit, you automatically have more power; you are many steps higher than those who don't.

Imagine this: "God is a spirit" and we invest in the spiritual which means we are working in God's world. God is the president; He sets rules and you follow. There is no suffering, corruption, or recession. When we obey the law, overcome temptations and invest in ourselves in the spiritual world, we are an army that has been automatically prepared for the physical world. Everything becomes easier.

When we only invest in our physical lives, whatever decisions or investments we make can only reflect our knowledge. Our physical world is not perfect and we will make mistakes that can affect our lives in a negative way.

Just take a moment to picture this: every living person on earth has a very healthy spiritual life, serving one God. The world would be a better place, no hate or bitterness. Everyone would live in peace and love with one another. This is the world God planned for us.

Matthew 15:11 also says: "What goes into a man's mouth does not make him "unclean", but that which comes out of his mouth, that is what makes him "unclean". Our physical world is not the primary target and should be the least of our worries because most of the things we encounter are unexpected. Focus on the aspect you have control over, the inner "You", your spiritual side. 

Spirituality also explains why our relationship with others is the most important thing to every human. Why most people connect, bond or value each other is not because of the money, job or food you give them. I believe it is because of the love you have shown them. Those positive intangible things such as love, peace, joy, peace are fruits of the spirit which can only be exhibited when you walk in the spirit.

Take some time to invest in your spiritual life today and enjoy life as God planned it to be. Happy Sunday :D

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