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Tuesday, 7 August 2012


For my singles!!! (ladies and gents, searching or not), now is the time to build a relationship with God. A relationship with God opens your eyes to a lot of things about yourself. The only way you can find the perfect person for you is by finding yourself first and as Christians, it is wise to find ourselves in God. The marriage ministry is not one to walk into blindly. It is an institution formed by God and it is only by obeying his rules and direction wil you be able to enjoy the blessings of it.

Now, erase all past beliefs and feelings regarding marriage. It is not a death trap! lol. Most of us are scared of it while the rest are just eager to get into it. Marriage is made for several purposes but I'm sure it was not made for anyone to suffer, endure or tolerate.

FINDING "THE ONE"--- Genesis 24:37-67

We will be looking at the story of Isaac and Rebekah as an example of how to find the one that God has created for you:) Read the verses during your spare time.
  1. God will show you where to look. For us Christians, it is wise to search among your fellow believers.
  2. Just obey God and approach your woman. If God has truly directed you to her then He will also minister to her as well. Note: Isaac went after Rebekah and not the other way around. (We will discuss the topic of the man taking the lead later)
  3. For the men, don't just blurt it out that you want to marry her (naija Take the time to know, understand and connect with her.
  4. If the woman is truly for you, she will care about you and every other thing that you're about.
  5. Get to know her family
  6. Give her gifts!!! (I'm not the one saying this ooooooo. check your bible. haha!)
  7. After you have found her, don't forget to thank God.
  8. Now ask her if she wants to marry you.
  9. If she has also truly heard from God she will respond positively
  10. Keep giving her gifts and even to her family members :D
  11. Her family will give you their blessing to take their daughter.
  12. Your family will accept her and you will love her till death.
To be continued...

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