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Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Many times we wonder why people commit such gruesome wickedness in the world. It is sickening and difficult to understand and we ask ourselves...are these people not flesh and blood like us? How do they comfortably hold a weapon and take the life of another or rape an innocent child or intentionally hurt one another .....the list goes on.

It takes one little acceptance of wrong doing after the next to form a full blown hateful heart. Many times, we begin by telling ourselves "Telling a white lie is not really a lie as long as you're not hurting anyone", "taking 2 dollars is not really stealing after all what can 2 dollars do", "speaking louder than the next person in an argument is not anger", "going to that guys house at odd hours is not a big deal". Truthfully, it may not be a big deal but as I always tell thing leads to another. We make so many excuses for the not-so-little errors we make and soon we become accustomed to them. In no time, we soon realize that we find nothing wrong with cheating, stealing, fornication etc.

Recently, I was watching a show about a guy and a girl who were supposed to go out on a date. Like the player that he was, they didn't even step a foot out the door and that was how the date ended up indoors and lasted till the next morning. sigh!LOL. When we watch or read about these stories which happen all the time, some people say to themselves "no one can play me like that" and others say "it's not such a big deal" When I was younger and clueless, I was actually one of those who would say "no one can play me like that" but soon I realized I wasn't so strong after all.

On the other hand, so many things have become socially acceptable. Many people do it and it seems harmless but many issues that surround us today start with just one 'little' sin. Today, so many people call sin many different names to ease up the guilt but I have come to realize that the words in the bible are instructions for our own good and not simply a piece of advice for our consideration. An instance is the topic of fornication, embezzlement and alcohol/drug addictions.

When we hear the words righteous living, celibacy, abstinence and the rest, it seems oh so biblical but really we won't even have to argue on the pros and cons of abortion, issues of fraud, corruption, divorce, domestic violence and the rest if we just stayed away from that seemingly harmless 'first time'. Even when it doesn't result in grave consequences as I mentioned, the guilt you feel could cause a strain in your relationship with God and soon you realize you're no different from the next person who doesn't even believe in God.

As much as we want to be self confident and boast of our strength and all that fancy stuff, at the end of the day we cannot do anything on our own. From deciding to focus on a successful professional life, staying abstinent and hoping for a change in your friends and family. We need the holy spirit in every aspect no matter how little. We should cultivate the habit of involving God in the minute aspects of our lives.

Here's a verse to keep you encouraged and I hope you are blessed by it: 1 Peter 3: 16 Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ.

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