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Friday, 19 December 2014

L.A Xperience

I haven't traveled out of Canada in 7 years and lawd knows I have been planning and waiting for the day I get to visit a different country. Hopefully, I get to do this more often.

Funny story for you guys....I went straight to the hotel - The line (very young and modern hotel in Korea Town) and while waiting for my friend to arrive, the lady at the concierge suggested I visit a spa not too far from the hotel. Well I already planned on visiting the spa and coming from someone who knows the area plus she had so many nice things to say about the spa, so I decided to jump at the offer. On getting to this spa location, I got excited and decided to book a body polish and facial...well lucky for me the facial got cancelled! After the regular 'shower first' and the works (which was weird as everyone kept staring at me as I was the only non-asian. lol)

Anyhoo, I decided to wait in the dry sauna till someone called for my appointment. 3 minutes later, I heard this public call type-thing that didn't sound like English at all. I didn't even hear my name in the sentence but I decided to check if I was the one and yea....

Ok so its time to get this spa time rolling (I get excited about skin tins if you know me at all) So this lady in bra n pant asks me to lie face down and proceeds to pour a bowl of warm water over my body and I'm lying down there like 'which kain spa b this biko?' 'Where did this big black drum of water come from?' Well I can't lie that I was expecting some professional body scrub with all the chemicals and body scrub tins but nah...I got a real sponge with lawd knows what kinda soap. She sha baff me die. I won't call that a spa experience.

Lesson trying new cultures, don't expect what you're used to. Stay very open!

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