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Wednesday, 10 December 2014


...So we are back with a BANG!!!!

Welcome back to my blog and to all my first time readers, thanks for joining me on the journey and if like me, you fell off the wagon, please come back...pretty please!! I promise it gets more exciting:)

So this year has to be the best in many years and I simply hope and pray the favour overflows into the year, 2015. The list is quite long but I'll stick to the milestones, of which some of you are aware and some of you aren't. Either way, there's nothing like extra details from the horse's mouth.

Walking into the New Year, as usual, I always try to make the crossover service at church. I was every other person. I knew things would get better and like every other New Year, I wrote down my New Year's resolutions. Again, like every other New Year, I hoped and prayed to find love and happiness in all that concerns me...but I never hesperedit when God blessed me with it!

To start off my year, in January, I got a letter in the mail inviting me to take my citizenship test and a few days later, I went for the oath ceremony so tada....She's Nigerian Canadian!!!! It sounds presumable but it's definitely worth giving thanks for.

However, in the midst of my joy, I was having a really difficult time in school so I couldn't really celebrate. For now, I'll just say school wasn't easy (but then again...nothing good ever comes easy). Personally, the last six years were pure struggle. Well...until God sent someone into my life. This lady (name not disclosed for privacy reasons) saved my undergraduate life and you could call her an angel...yea she saved me! She shouted at me, encouraged me, gave me guidance and practically solved all my school-related problems while also listening to my personal issues.

Thank you (If you're reading this)

After my final exams, I went right back home to the next day after my thesis presentation!!!! So I started applying to jobs. I applied every was basically my full time job. I would practically find something new to add or subtract from my resume. However, at some point, I was convinced that I wouldn't get the job I really wanted because I didn't have the grades or the supply chain experience. I had some Internship and summer experience but I wasn't convinced my resume was good enough for the positions I applied for and the big company names dem dem...yet I trusted God to do what only He can do.

A few days after I relocated to Calgary, precisely April 27, 2014, A pastor-family friend came to visit from the states and He prayed with my mom and I. While praying, He said..."by this time next month, you will get a job". You will not struggle in your search for a job". I believed strongly, held on to his prophesy and wrote it down because it gave me hope and I needed all the hope I could get. Did I expect the job of my dreams...I don't know! I just know I was open to God's perfect plan. The month of May came and I applied like my life depended on it (dramatic much...but I joke not) and that entire month, I kept getting calls and calls. One day, precisely May 28, 2014, I had two interviews. Before heading out that morning, I remember asking my mom to take a picture of me because I wanted to remember the day that started off my career.

So it was time to wait for a response from the companies I interviewed with...
During that period, I attended my graduation on June 13, 2014  in Toronto. I returned to Calgary on the 14th and a few days later, on June 17, 2014, I woke up to birthday wishes from friends and loved ones and a phone call offering me a job with one of the top Construction companies in Canada. Did I accept...Is that a question? Ha!

I wasn't even prepared for the amazing things God was about to do in my life. I knew deep inside my heart that 2014 was going to be different from past years but I wasn't expecting the number of blessings I received. During the RCCG convention in 2013, one sentence that stayed with me was "You will sing a new song" and truly I have seen God in action. My move to Calgary has been beautiful. Like one of my friends said..."Calgary is your land of milk and honey" and I claim every piece of that statement!

A lot can happen in the span of one can go from being jobless to having a job, from being broke to having plenty, from being unhappy to being happy. It definitely wasn't all roses and no thorns. I had/have my fair share of problems and i'm not always in a good place but it's what you choose to dwell on that takes center stage in your life. Put God first and let him take the wheel. It may seem like there's no light at the end of the tunnel but God never fails...just have bold faith to the point where people think you're crazy for believing in something you have not seen. This year's RCCG Convention, the message I received was "I will cover your nakedness". I still don't know what that means but I am open to seeing God in action. Welcome back!:)

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