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Sunday, 7 February 2016


Yipee!!! it's our first post this year....Happy New Year guys!! Welcome to 2016- The year of accelerated favour. Personally, I haven't been in the best frame of mind lately but one thing I love about weakness is that it's an opportunity to re-discover yourself afresh.

So welcome to the new, improved and inspired me.

Ok so you guys will see me posting on love and marriage a lot this year. That's because it's been on my mind and I just love everything about the institution. I've also realized that so many people are ashamed to acknowledge that they want marriage. I was that way for about two years. Typically, as a Nigerian female, it's pretty much pre-determined that you get married after you graduate from the university. At any age after this milestone, you get asked the question "when are we coming for your own". Be it a 23 year old fresh off the university or a 40 year old still waiting on God, we all get asked the exact same question.

Initially, this was a very uncomfortable question for me and my response would usually be "I'm not ready and I'm not trying to get married any time soon" My parents would hear me say this and literally want to scream. LOL. Apparently, I was just trying to avoid the "shame" of not being wifed up early that I convinced myself that it wasn't for me. But one thing about God is that he doesn't use a vessel that isn't available. How can God use you in marriage if you've hardened your heart towards it.

Marriage is an institution created by God. He wants you to be married and not just married so that people can acknowledge you but He wants to use your marriage for his glory. Everything God gives us is for his glory and Marriage is not an exception. It's clear that it fulfils some personal needs but looking at the bigger picture, Marriage is the bedrock of every individual. A healthy marriage will breed healthy individuals. For those who are not privileged to be born into one, your marriage could be the bible that they see.

Your relationship/marriage will alter your destiny and its up to you to trust God and wait on him to bless you with his good and perfect will. Stay blessed!

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