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Tuesday, 16 August 2016


I met Toyoc through the photographer for this shoot (@aobyyc) who also happens to be a mutual friend and instantly fell in love with her personality - I mean instantly! She's so lovely and full of life, it's hard to ignore. I immediately felt comfortable talking to her and we decided to do a blog collaboration at Azuridge Estate Hotel in Priddis, AB.

Now, Azuridge is this gorgeous estate hotel just outside of Calgary with the most beautiful and serene landscape. It was previously owned by an individual, Mogen Smed who went into bankruptcy and later sold it to a Geologist couple. I've been to Azuridge a few times and I must admit, the butlers are always so polite and warm. From the luxurious feel of the estate to the food, I always find a reason to visit.

Given the bipolar nature of Calgary's weather, I'm very thankful that it cooperated with us and we were able to enjoy the brunch. We both had the chicken club from the lunch menu. If you want to try something healthy yet tasty, go for this as it is served on fried polenta, which is made out of cornmeal and a choice of garden or fruit salad.

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