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Thursday, 25 August 2016


From the first moment,
I knew you were different
Not the type of guy I would go for
But I found myself thinking of you, constantly.

Everyday, looking at you
I could feel my heart leave my chest
It was a throbbing that I craved 
I knew something had to be wrong somewhere.

Now years have gone by
And I realize I've been walking around without my heart
Some years ago, you took it from me
Never promised to take care of it but I didn't care.

I fell for you so fast, you became my world
I still crave that pulsating feeling
Only this time, I would fall for you slowly
Savor every moment and maybe it won't be so painful.

Now I'm older and wiser
I know what we had was passion
I won't trade that for anything but I want love
That respect and commitment type of love
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