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Friday, 23 September 2016


Toronto is known for it's diverse food joints and as a major foodie, it's no surprise why I love the city. From it's street style food to classy sit down restaurants, you are never short of options in Toronto. I omitted some places such as Ritz Caribbean restaurant and Liberty Shawarma on Spadina ave and Fort York blvd but they are also great places to visit if you ever find yourself in the area.

One of my usual hang out spots when i'm in the 6ix. It's a must visit for desserts but if you have a tiny stomach like me, you could have the Ice cream special for lunch. You can find it on yonge street next to Ryerson University.

Another one of my discoveries during my Ryerson uni days. The chicken burrito has to be the best I've ever tried and the small sizes are quite big and fills you up. It's also right next to some other top street food joints on Adelaide and Simcoe street. You can also find other locations downtown Toronto. Good value for your money!

Ooh la la... I know it's burger and I shouldn't make it sound so mouth watering but 'believe me you', this may just be one of the best burger spots out there. It's also located right next to Burrito boyz on Adelaide and Simcoe but you can find another location on Queen and Spadina. Just try it out!

No one makes poutine like smokes poutinerie. It's just not your basic poutine! If you're a fan of fries, gravy and cheese, simply up your game and add some bacon, chicken, beef and make it an interesting eat. It's also located on Adelaide and Simcoe.


Ok this one had me googling and driving around Calgary in search of the perfect red velvet cake. While this spot has a special place in my heart, it's the La Rocca red velvet cake that has me going back over and over. Of course you can find La Rocca cakes in many locations around Canada but this is my go to spot whenever i'm in Toronto. For my Calgary folks, you can find it at Loblaws, Sage Hill Plaza. Thank me later!



Oh Chipotle! Too bad we don't have you in Calgary or maybe that's a good thing. This has become a regular but still one of my favorite street food joints in Toronto. I'm sure my US readers have this splattered in every corner. I envy you!


If you're a meat lover, this is for you. It's always good to be back but I try to keep it to a minimum. Who knew their other options tasted just as good as the all you can eat 'grill it yourself' option. Try their fried rice and let me know what you think.

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