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Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Have you ever been in a situation that just made sense and fit right into the plan you had for your life
but as much as it makes sense to you, it doesn't bring you fulfillment. Whether in relationships, career or personal aspirations, we all have plans and ideas we would like to see come to life. We all have milestones and dreams we would like to achieve or accomplish and while some people argue that it's important to focus on things money can't buy (peace, happiness, love), others argue to chase your dreams and those goals that add value to your life (a degree, that high paying job, that partner that supposedly has it all figured out).

Most African parents are definitely in support of using your head and not your heart. You are likely to hear them say 'Get your PHD, I'll pay for it' or 'Is that one job, your mates are working for Shell and Chevron' or 'Marry a doctor or a lawyer or a pastor'. lol abeg who PHD don epp gan?

Don't get me wrong, I'm 100% in support of chasing your dreams and aiming for the top of the mountain. Get the PHD, get the high paying job and marry the lawyer or doctor or pastor. However, don't forget that these are all accessories and attachments. They don't define who you are. If these things were taken from you, you will still remain who you are. There are some PHD holders who can't feed their family, there are some high paying jobs that keep you away from your loved ones and there are some doctors, lawyers and pastors who yearn to spend time with their family but can't. Besides, these things can be taken from you in a matter of seconds but the things that come from within can never be taken from you unless you allow it.

All this girl is trying to say is...You can have it all! When you follow your head, make sure you take your heart along with you. In relationships, career and personal aspirations, whenever you have an opportunity to pursue a dream, make sure that opportunity brings you peace of mind as well.

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