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Sunday, 4 December 2016


So i'm that girl who used to be pro-rebekah because her story just made more sense given my personality and upbringing. I never really analyzed the story of Ruth and Boaz because I felt that the passage insinuated that she was trying to seduce Boaz...hmmmm!

If you need to remind yourself of Isaac and Rebekah's story, you can read my PREVIOUS POST.

In summary of the story of Ruth and Boaz in Ruth chapters 2-4, Ruth went looking for work and found herself in Boaz's field and while she was working hard, Boaz took notice of her. When Ruth returned home to Naomi, she told her all that had happened and found out that Boaz was closely related to Naomi. A few seasons passed and Naomi decided to find a home for Ruth so she asked Ruth to wash herself and dress up and go to Boaz so he could sleep with her after he was wasted. Ruth obeyed Naomi, Boaz blessed her for her kindness to him and went further to mention that he found her to be a virtuous woman. Although he desired to take her as his wife, he respected the tradition that said a closer relative had to accept or reject her before he could go further with his plans. That same day, Boaz held a meeting with the closer relative and a few witnesses. In those days, when you buy the land which belonged to a dead man, you are also responsible for the rest of his property including his wife and mother. The closer relative declined the offer to buy the land so Boaz took the offer and married Ruth as a result.

PS: The culture at the time wasn't favorable to women so we'll study this passage and the bible in general with an open mind.

Now back to Ruth and Rebekah, while these women met their husbands in different ways, they both had something crucial in common. Abraham sent his servant on a search for a wife and found Rebekah, the servant took permission from her family and she was spoiled with gifts. On the other hand, Naomi asked Ruth to sleep with Boaz and basically make herself available to him.

If you're like me and you've ever wondered why women keep crying 'God where is my Boaz' then maybe this will help. Ruth's story was quite different from Rebekah's as she was a young widow without a child to continue her late husband's name. She had the option to go on with her life and marry a young man but by marrying Boaz, she would be able to take care of Naomi and continue the family name. Basically, she was being loyal to her late husband's family by marrying into the same family. So given the era of this story, Boaz was a destiny helper to Ruth and that basically explains the 'God where's my Boaz' cry. Ruth wasn't a young, never-been-married woman like Rebekah; their circumstances were different.

Nevertheless, Ruth and Rebekah were both virtuous women. They were hardworking, loyal, respectful and pleasant and that's the most important part of the story. Ruth's story also reminds us that in today's world we would have judged Ruth and termed her a 'slut' but her intentions were good. Boaz saw that and called her a virtuous woman and God counted her worthy of making her the great great grandmother of Jesus.The fairy tale of Ruth and Boaz isn't in the story line but in their character. Everyone will have different story lines and some might be more complicated than others but what remains consistent about these women in the bible is their virtue.

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