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Sunday, 25 December 2016


Firstly, Merry Christmas to everyone. I genuinely hope you had a beautiful time with family, friends and well wishers.

This year has been very special, one I would term 'blessing in disguise'. From crossing over in the beginning of the year with little to no faith to rounding up the year with stronger faith and proof that God is present in every detail of our lives, it's such a blessing to see how much can change in one year.

Every year, I try to take a look back on my year and count my blessings. This year was a true test of faith for me and although I knew God had good plans for my 2016, I never could have imagined what He had in store for me. His plans always supersede our expectations. To fully understand this story, you need to read on my state of mind at the beginning of the year. Please click HERE.

I lost my job at the beginning of 2016 and I was pretty positive that God had a plan and that I would end up in a much better place but a few months later, worry and disappointments turned my faith into anger. Not even fear...just anger. I got a few interviews with top, reputable companies in the industry and was so excited to be considered a candidate, especially in such a poor economy. At some point, I got an interview with a company that felt like a dream come true. I worked hard, prepared, networked and prayed to be favoured. I was favoured alright...I didn't get the job but the hiring manager liked me and decided to consider me for a different position that was more suited to me. I got excited and already claimed it before I got the offer. Imagine my disappointment when I got rejected without further interviews. 

That was one period that made me question God. I had so much faith that I could have whatever I set my mind to achieve. I trusted God so much and nothing shook my faith. I went to the extent of visiting the company during the weekend to touch the building and pray my myself into the position. I believed with everything that this job was mine but God had other plans and that rejection made me go numb. Coupled with the fact that bad things were happening to believers around me, it was a very sensitive time for me to stay strong in my faith. I was numb for a few months.

Well, being numb didn't get me anywhere so I decided to get back to preparing myself for that job. I still wasn't very happy with God but I really wanted to fix things with him. At the end of the day, I asked myself a very important question 'Do you love God because of the things He gives you or do you love him regardless?' Then I realized that job or no job, I had to fix my relationship with God. I knew that happiness will never be achieved with a job, a career or some reputable company. That was a turning point for me.

God re-introduced me to an acquaintance and we became friends - Cynthia Uju Emenike. When we both look back at how we became close, we laugh and say 'It's God'. Without even trying to make a difference in my life, she taught me how to pray specific prayers and the power of prayer. She introduced me to her church and that was one prayer - believing church. Thank God for friends that believe in God.

One week in October, I decided to fast and pray. In the middle of the week, I got the call that turned everything around. Although I had been disappointed in the past, I packed my suitcases of work clothes and shoes, said my goodbyes to my loved ones and hopped on a one way flight from Calgary to Toronto. One interview after the other, I prepared and prayed my way into my current job. 

Now I look back with so much gratitude that God was merciful enough to be patient with me. He saw the child in me that wanted what she thought was the best. I'm so grateful that he broke me and introduced me to a destiny helper who brought me back to him. Now I can say that many more trials will come my way but God will be there, at every turn and he will restore in multiple folds what was taken from me.

Trials will come in life but getting to the other side will strengthen your faith and defeat the power of fear in your life. I wish you all a year of restoration in 2017.
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