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Monday, 31 July 2017


Happy Blog Anniversary!!! It's been exactly 5 years since I started blogging and today I remember the 23 year old me in my bachelor apartment, healing from a broken heart but filled with love for encouragement and wisdom. The blog started in 2012 as 'The beautiful side of pain' and later changed to 'Voyage de Liz' and finally now 'Inspire Junkie'. haha!

It's now difficult for me to share that story because I've changed so much and that young girl feels like a completely different person. I was passing by my old street recently and I remembered the times when that young girl lost herself in a relationship, practically begging to be loved and respected. I lost myself so much that it showed on me physically. I don't think I loved me anymore. Sometimes, I wish I had remained the innocent and naive girl. She wouldn't be so wise but at least she wouldn't have to deal with some sad memories. I remember her today and as much as I don't want to share this story any longer, this is a part of my story and God's love has transformed me so much, I just cannot be ashamed of it.

I remember praying on my first post, Let's Get Personal that God would touch whoever read my blog. It's been a journey and I have not only seen a change in the blog but also in my life. My hopes and prayer is that this blog has touched your life as well. I also pray for increased wisdom and blessings in the future for each and everyone of us. Thank you to all my readers from far and near in Canada, United States, Russia, Ukraine, France, Israel, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Morocco, Brazil, China, Australia, Argentina, Ireland, Indonesia and Vietnam. (I tried to include everyone :)

Five years ago, I began a relationship with God mostly by accident. I was lonely, healing and so I decided to start this blog. I had no intentions of starting a spiritual blog but as I began to write, I found myself making references to the bible. It has been a journey of spiritual and physical growth since then. I didn't know what to expect and I certainly didn't expect this change in my life. I only hoped that God would hide me in his love and I wouldn't have to feel the pain I felt at the time.

So my relationship with God began, and year after year I began to document my growth and soon realized that I always had something that sparked my faith in God even more than I thought possible.
It has not been a pleasant ride all the way. Some days, I feel closer to him and others, I feel distant. A few times, I've doubted him and sometimes I've felt anger towards him. I also went through periods when the enemy's offer seemed more tempting than the stability and faithfulness that God provides but thank goodness I was able to chop sense fast.

The peace that God gives is definitely worth the unpleasant moments of doubts and waiting. In these five years, I've come to realize that the enemy is always quick to respond and give you just what your heart desires. With God, patience and trust is required but he always gives you more than your heart's desire. I have shared with you various moments where God required my patience and blessed me with more than my expectations. Every year, God would bless me and it wasn't the type of blessing that you receive because you earned it. I knew it was divine, it was favour and sometimes, the blessing wasn't physical. It's always exciting when God gives you a new job, a car or a house but we fail to acknowledge the other blessings like when he reveals something about our character to us or saves us from something that could have set us back. Over the years, I have seen God's love transform me and he's not even done yet.

Many of us try to find this kind of love in people. The kind of love that hides us from disappointments and reveals our character to us. The kind of love that embarrasses us with gifts and a life of adventure. The kind of love that remains faithful even when we doubt and fall short. Basically, we are looking for God in people. I'm seeking the love that only God can give, you're seeking the love that only God can give but yet we expect it from one another. I hope you find this love in God.

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