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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Two-Faced Faith: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

I think the ultimate call of a Christian is to love, to show acts of service in accordance to the will of God which is made known when we walk with Him. A Christian should walk in faith. Now, walking in faith is not a walk in the park, rather it is a life-inspiring and uplifting experience. It grows and establishes the believer through the word of God. Faith is not an emotion, I believe faith is a state of mind. It is a position for which we must work towards and then grow. For “faith comes by hearing 
and hearing by the word of God”- Roman 10: 17. It is not a possession, it is a virtue we should exercise constantly to retain and grow. There are many benefits and blessings that comes from having faith; having a positive and enjoyable reality is one of them and having God in your life another. Now I think the calling of a Christian is to follow Christ. Following Christ is rewarding, which in turn transforms your life. Roman 12: 2 shows this, “But be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God”. It is only through constantly renewing and committing oneself to Christ which implies followership, that one can achieve growth. Faith becomes more of a challenge when the object to “faith-in” is not a physical object and exist in a realm of the “divine”.  

So, as humans we tend to imitate others and draw inspirations, strength, and passion from things or people physically around us. If we surround ourselves with faith-less people, we tend to be faith-less just like them and vice-versa. This becomes more difficult when the people say they are faithful and are not, like wolves in sheep’s clothing. Relating with such people believing that they are in fact Christ-like and assuming that they will act likewise could end up being hurtful and can sometimes derail believers or cause a believer to lose faith. Since as humans it is our natural tendency to associate and adapt to our environments and communities, we tend to behave in a group like the group does. It becomes less credible when there is deceit and lies. When interacting with such “Christians”, it is easy to be deceived and not realize the true character of such people. Usually because of trust and a value system that assumes there is goodness in anyone who says they are Christian, we tend to make conclusions about such person’s morals and behaviours and welcome such with open arms. Like Matthew 7:15 – 20 states, I urge us all to beware of deceitful people and as advised in the scripture, by their fruits (in other words, by their actions, behaviours, words, ways) you shall know them. In current times, most people are absorbed in the notion of “socializing and online media presence” we tend to either subtly or overtly solicit other people’s approval and acceptance just proving human’s tendency assimilate, becoming like the group. Now, most people do not take the time to scrutinize or carefully evaluate the people that they interact with in their social sphere’s. They begin seeking validation from others in bid to assimilate, consequently failing to recognize their “bad” fruits then being hurt in such tricky relations.

Since this is sometimes the case, people can drift away from the faith after encounters and relating with such people. Typically, if we are observant we can see the traits of the “wolf” as a wolf in sheep’s clothing thus we avoid being fooled. This theme reminds me of the Prophet Eli’s sons (Hophni and Phinehas) in the bible (reference 1 Samuel 2: 12 – 36). They were described as people who identified as godly, they occupied positions of religious authority but they did not have any values or morals that precedes the titles that they possessed. Rather, they used this authority and influence to cause havoc and pain. I think the character and behaviours of Prophet Eli’s sons perfectly identifies the behaviour of a “two-sided” believer. Another example of wolves in sheep’s clothing are people who say one thing but do and mean another = liars. It is easy to be betrayed by such and this becomes a nuisance if such a person is in any position of spiritual leadership. The disappointment that comes with relating with such can shake one’s faith. One can always think back on past encounters with liars or deceitful people and reflect on the feelings they experienced when the truth was realized.

Love should be the core of our faith and lives. Having faith or showing love especially when surrounded by people who do not do show love is quite difficult, since we cannot easily get this example from relating in our proximate surrounding, which is where we usually draw examples or inspiration from. Now, if the people around us are wolves in sheep’s clothing, it is more of an obstacle to our growth and may result in negative feelings. To avoid this I advice that we be observant, careful and prayerful when relating, so we can gain truth and express love without hindrances.

 By Boma Jumbo
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